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Deals guaranteeing system

How it works

  • Shopping basket 9e845cd268a38781880cc76c3682a4eec3784248b7822c3070f9a9cc76adc7aa
  • The buyer chooses the item on the site

  • Online shop f38babedf6c78cb6a31149bcb11ec5351afa25a683f5f738f096d134c192f0f7
  • Buyer prepay for

  • Delivery truck 7c0a1b255def3ecc0510214e10a9f20b88bac5de70251f861c82485268c3583e
  • The seller delivers the item, and the buyer accepts

  • Coins 370e892fa751f205a8096f86c15422220c6bdde98bbf18cf0259b38dcf9bf036
  • pays money to the seller

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