Buyer protection

General provisions

In following cases Buyer can ask for the protection of purchaser provided by

- Good or Service received does not match the description in Sale.
- Good or Service ordered is not received

All conflicts are resolved in the Center of conflint management of by opening Disputes. Any conflict can be resolved due to simple dialogue and negotiation as well as the involvment of Administration of in case the solution was not found.

Time frames of opening Disputes on

The minimal time frames of opening a Dispute: any Dispute can be opened the next day after the latest date of fixed delivery. The maximum time frames of opening a Dispute: no more than 30 days after the latest date of fixed delivery. This is an example of the latest date of opening a Dispute: the 16th of May + 30 days = the 15th of June.

Advices on having Disputes

First of all, try to solve the problem without asking for the protection of purchaser. Contact the Seller, explain the problem you have and offer your solution. Many Sellers meet the Buyers’ requirements (if they are well justified) with no Disputes opened, and reimburse either all expenses (in case Good or Service was not received) or part of it (in case Good or Service does not match its description in Sale). Please pay attention that often Disputes can be considered as a misuse of the protection of purchaser. In that case, Administration has the right to stop the system of the protection of purchaser for your account. When you have a Dispute, please be polite, do not use emotional expressions nor insult your opponent. Use facts, give as many details as you can and offer your way of sorting the conflict out. The issue of Disputes usually depends on the content of correspondence between Buyer and Seller, details and reasonability of requirements. Never threaten the Seller with a negative feedback. That is forbidden by the rules of and can be considered as blackmail, which in most cases leads to closure of Dispute in favour of Seller.

Dispute on Good not received

If you did not receive the Good ordered within the specified time frames, you can open a Dispute. As a rule, Buyer asks for a full reimbursement of expenses. The full reimursement of expenses supposes the price of Good and delivery expenses. If Buyer and Seller find a compromise and solve their problem, their Dispute will be closed automatically. Our main advice on opening Disputes on Good not received is not to open a Dispute too early. Sellers do not control delivery companies nor guarantee that the Good will come right in time. If you open a Dispute too early and Seller proves that the Good was sent in time, the Dispute is very likely to be closed in favour of Seller. If you open a Dispute by the time the time frames are close to expire, and prove that the Good was not received (e.g.track number is not found), the Dispute is most likely to be closed in your favour, and the Seller’s evidence that the Good was sent will not be taken into account. Aslo, you can open a Dispute on Good not received to insure yourself. If you see that the 30 days delivery time frames are close to expire and the Good is still on its way to you, you can open a Dispute. In that case, you can wait for 28-29 extra days and then, if the Good is still not received, make a Claim. Please pay attention that if Seller offers to send a new Good instead of reimbursement, while your Dispute is open, do not accept such offer. By accepting that, you will have to close your current Dispute with no garantee that the Good will be really sent and no chance to re-open your Dispute. Therefore, we encourage you to insist on reimbursement with a possible further re-ordering (making a new order with new time frames and new chance to open a Dispute). Overall, as far as Disputes on Goods not received can have only one requirement, the full reimbursement, such Disputes can have only two possible issues: either Seller (or Administration of accepts your requirements and reimburses all your expenses, or your evidence will be considered as not enough convincing and the Dispute will be closed in favour of Seller (your requirements denied). If you received your order and found it proper you can close your Dispute (or Claim if there was any).

Dispute on Good not matching its description

You can open this kind of Dispute if the Good you received does not match its description in Sale or has defects (in case they were not discussed previously in your Deal). It can also happen to be a fake, or lack for some details or items you ordered. In this case, Buyer can make a Claim and require full or partial reimbursement of expenses. However, all requirements have to be proved by evidence provided. Therefore, if you open a Dispute on Good not matching its description you have to prepare all evidence possible such as photos or videos where you open the package with your purchase and show its defects (or fakeness), or postal acts proving that the Good was damaged or the package was empty by the time it was delivered. The more evidence you collect the more chances you will have to win the Dispute. You have to present all your evidence in Dispute. If Buyer wants to return the order, he\she has to send it strictly to the address Seller indicates in the Dispute. Any other ways to give Buyer the new address will not be considered as proof that Buyer really sent the order back. So please use your Dispute only. After the Good was sent back, Buyer must indicate the back track-number. Goods of more than $750 will need to be confirmed by the signature of recipient. If Buyer and Seller did not find a compromise in their Dispute each of sides can turn Dispute into a Claim. The Claim is therefore solved by Administration of

Dispute on partial or complete non-compliance with obligations (services, freelance works, contacts)

Buyer (Customer) creates a Deal on the Seller’s (Performer’s) Sale where he\she specifies the time frames where the work has to be completed. By accpeting the Deal, Performer agrees with the time frames indicated and undertakes to finish the work in time. If Performer finishes the work in full before the time expires, Customer must close the Deal, otherwise the Deal will be closed automatically. If Performer does not complete the work, or does not do it at all, as well as the quality of work does not match what was promised, the time frames can be prolonged by mutual consent, or Customer can open a Dispute to receive partial or full reimbursement. In this case, the final decision is made by Administration of according to evidenced provided in Dispute.