Frequently Asked Questions is a marketplace that gives anyone an opportunity to buy and sell for Bitcoin in absolute anonymity. Both Seller and Buyer are well protected due to the system of Deals securing, and 2FA authentication provides you with an anti-cheating security. The amount of Sales is unlimited. The fee charge is 1%.
You can create a Deal on a ready Sale, or contact Seller to ask him\her to put a new Sale with all necessary details and exact price. In that case, Buyer creates a Deal on the new Sale’s page, Seller receives a notification and accepts the Deal. After the Deal is accepted, the payment in BTC is withdrawn from the Buyer’s account and withheld by the platform. It is credited to the Seller’s account only when Buyer receives the good or service ordered and closes the Deal.
When you make a successful Sale on the platform, you will be charged a fee of 1,5% of the agreed price which will be withdrawn from your account when the Deal is closed.
Buyer can cancel the Deal before it is accepted by Seller. Seller can cancel the Deal any time but must leave a comment to explain it.
If you can not find your Sale that means that someone chose it and created a Deal on it. If the Deal is canceled, your Sale will be active again.
If Buyer did not close the Deal nor opened a Dispute, the Deal will be closed automatically within 30 days, and the good ordered will be considered as received. Aslo, Seller can contact the support and provide it with evidence of that the good is received by Buyer, so that the Deal can be closed before the end of 30 days.
If you did not receive the good or service you purchased, you have to open a Dispute where Seller must provide you with evidence of that the Sale has been sent. Support ananlyses the evidence provided and makes the decision whether is has to be compensated (or not). Is support finds out that one of the sides has been cheating, this side is going to be blocked and lose all rating.
Rating shows how fair Seller or Buyer is and relies on valuation of his\her previous Deals, and everything related to the procedure of dealing (e.g.well-timing).
Your Sale might have been rejected because it includes one of the forbidden things to sale on or violates the rules of the platform. does not store any logs and does not provide anyone with your IP and addresses of transactions. All of your correspondence is absolutely anomymous, too.
Anything of the following list will be considered as violation of the rules of the platform and will have serious consequences: any kind of illegal activities, drug trafficking, arms trade, pornography, ethical violations, insulting, incitement to violence or suicide. If you are noticed to do any of these forbidden actions, your account will be blocked permanently and any withrdawals will not be permitted. If you are noticed to try to break into someone’s account or destabilize the functioning of the platform, your IP and account will be blocked permanently, too.
Administration might have made a decision to block your withdrawals because of suspicions of break-in. Please contact the support. is supposed to help serious business relationships between people who aim to build their rating on fair Deals. However, we can not protect you from cheaters, so try to avoid expensive purchases from new Sellers or Sellers with low rating. If you are Seller, be prapared that someone can rate you low and leave bad comments. Therefore, try to learn as much as possible about your partner and his\her previous Deals. provides its clients with a system of Deals securing, but we do not compensate the money you lost because of the third party (e.g. delivery company).
Yes, you can deposit or withdraw any sum of money in BTC. One minimal withdrawal should be no less than 0.001 BTC and no more than 5 ВТС. The withdrawal commission fee is 0.0005 ВТС per transaction.
On wallet you can keep funds in BTC received from any other source. If you are currently waiting for funds to come to your wallet, and they do not come within 30 minutes, please contact the sender or the support of the source (website, platform, online banking) from where the funds were sent.
If you did not receive the confirmation message within 30 minutes after registration, please check your Spam folder. If the message is still missing – please contact the support.
To register, you need to enter your e-mail address and confirm it when the confirmation message is sent to the indicated address. You do not have to enter any personal data. The platform is completely anonymous
Bitcoin funds will be credited to your account right after they appear on the Blockchain network, but before that, the Deal has to be closed. It will be closed once the transaction is confirmed by the network.
If you have access to your e-mail, please press the button “I forgot my password” and follow the instructions to change your password. When your new password is set, please activate 2FA authentication to protect your account from further hacks. If you do not have access to your e-mail, contact the support immediately. To restore your account, you will have to name your login, e-mail address, the exact amount of BTC on your wallet, the date of registration and the date of your first transaction.
Withdrawal is immediate. The funds go directly to Blockchain once you withdraw them, and are credited to your bank account right after the third confirmation is done (within 30 minutes usually). In some cases, when the sum you want to withdraw is bigger than 5 BTC it can take up to 24 hours. If your transaction does not appear on the Blockchain network, please contact the support immediately. We will solve this problem as soon as possible.

If you did not find the answer to your question please contact the support