User Agreement

General provisions

This User Agreement (reffered to “Agreement”) reffers to the Internet platform «», located at, and to all resources related to the platform

The Internet platform «» (reffered to “Platform”) is the property of the company This Agreement regulates relations between the administration of the platform (reffered to “Administration”) and the Users of Platform.

Administration of reserves the right to add or remove the points of the current Agreement without the knowledge of Users. By using this Platform you agree to accept all changes in the current Agreement.

Users take responsibility to check the current Agreement for any changes.  

Definitions of the terms

The following terms have following meanings:

  • «Platform» – decentralized marketplace that is located on the domain and works through the Internet and related Services.
  • Decentralized marketplace – platform that contains information about Goods, Servives, Sellers and Buyers and allows to make a choice and create a Deal on Good or Service.
  • Administration of – the commissioners who manage Platform on behalf of the company.
  • User of (reffered to User) – person who has access to Platform through the Internet and uses this resource to purchase or sell Goods or Services.
  • Content of (reffered to Content) – all intellectual property protected that includes written texts and their titles, forewords, annotations, articles, illustrations, covers, pieces of music and lyrics, graphics, photographes and any derived works, user interfaces, visual interfaces, trademarks, logos, computer programmes, databases, as well as design, structure, options, coordinations, look and style of this Content, that is located on, together or separately.  
    Subject-matter of the Agreement

    The subject-matter of the current Agreement is providing User with access to Goods and Services contained on Platform, and opportunity to sale his\her own Goods or Services. The current Agreement is a public offer. By getting the access to Platform User accepts the current Agreement. The usage of all materials and Services of meet requirements of present legislation.

    Rights and obligations of parties

    Administration of is free to: Change the rules of usage of Platform, and Platfrom’s Content. The changes come into force as soon as the new edition of Agreement is published. Limit access to Platform in case User violated the rules of the current Agreement. Change the fee charge. The new fee charge will not concern Users who have registered by the time it was changed except as otherwise specified.

    User is free to:

    Have access to Platform with full complience of the registration rules. Use all kinds of services that Platform offers and purchase any Goods presented. Ask any questions related to the Platfrom’s services. Use Platform only according to the rules indicated in the current Agreement without violating any of them.

    User undertakes to:

  • Provide Administration with any additional information related to a particular Deal in case of any conflicts between Buyer and Seller.
  • Respect the property and non-property rights of the authors and other rights holders who use Platform.
  • Not do anything that can be considered as violation of the Platform functioning.
  • Not disseminate any information about any legal or natural persons who use
  • Not use Platform to advertise any product unless with the agreement of Administration.

    User of undertakes not to use the Platform’s services in order to:

  • Upload illegal content that violates any rights of third parties, propagates violence, hating and\or discrimination based on race, nationality, sex, religion or society; contains innacurate information and\or insulting of certain persons, organisations or authorities.
  • Any kind of illegal activities, drug trafficking, arms trade, pornography, ethical violations, insulting, incitement to violence or suicide are forbidden on Platform and will be punished by blocking permanently your account without any withrdawals possible.
  • Violations of the juveniles’ rights and\or any way of hurting them.
  • Abuses against minorities.
  • Pretending to be a different person or a representative of any organisation and\or community without any rights, including managers of Misrepresentation of the characteristics of any Good or Service presented on Platform.
  • Inappropriate comparison of Good or Service, or forming the negative image of persons who do not use it (as well as insulting them).

    User must not:

  • Use any devices, programmes, procedures, algorithms or methodes, automatic or manual processes to receive, copy or track Content of;
  • Disrupt the functioning of Platform;
  • Use any way to dodge the Platform’s navigation system in order to receive information, documents or materials that are confidential;
  • Perform an unauthorized access to the Platfrom’s functions or any other related systems or networks, as well as services offered;
  • Break the security system or autentication system of Platform or of any other related platform. Do a reverse search, track or try to track any kind of information of any Platform’s User.  
    Usage of 

    Platfrom and its Content are the property of Administration that manage and control it. Content of can not be copied, published, reproduced, transferred or spread in any possible way, as well as posted on Internet, without previous written agreement of Administration.

    Content of is protected by copyright, trademark law, and other rights of intellectual property protection and unfair competition law. User is responsible for keeping his\her personal account information confidential, including password, as well as for all activity done from his\her account.

    User must inform Administration about unauthorized usage of his\her account or password, or any other violation of security system.

    Administration has the right to remove the User’s account if it was not used for 24 months with no notifications from User.

    The current Agreement covers all additional points and conditions of Goods and Services trading presented on Platform. Any information presented on Platform can not be interpreted as a change of the current Agreement.

    Administration of has the right to change the list of Goods and Services presented on Platform without the knowledge of Users.  


    Any losses that User can suffer in case of intentional or unintentional violation of the current Agreement’s rules, as well as unauthorized access to the communications of other User, are not reimbursed by Administration.

    Administration is not responsible for:

  • Unexpected delays or breakdowns in dealing, as well as mistakes of telecommunication, programmes working, electricity or related systems of logistics companies that result into delivery delays, Good’s damages or loss.
  • Incomplete Service or Service of bad quality, as well as delays in Performer’s work.
  • Money transferring systems and delays in their work.
  • Proper functioning of Platform in case User does not have necessary technical measures to use it. We also do not provide you with any necessary measures to use our Platform.
  • Administration undertakes to resolve any conflicts between Buyers and Sellers (in case they open a Dispute) by studying all evidence provided and reimbursing the full or partial expenses according to the policy of Deals securing.  
    Violation of the terms of User Agreement

    Administration has the right to disclose any personal data about User in case it is necessary for investigation or complaint about unlawful usage of Platform, or to identify User who can violate the rights of Administration or other Users.

    Administration has the right to disclose any information about User that can be considered as necessary for implementation of the legislation in force or court judgment.

    Administration has the right to stop and\or block the User’s access to Platform without the knowledge of User, if User violated any rule of the current Agreement or any other rules contained in any other documents on Platform. The access to Platform can also be blocked in case stops its activity because of technical or any other sort of problems.

    Administration is not responsible to Users nor third parties for blocking their access to Platform in case of violation of any rule of the current Agreement or any other document containing conditions of the usage of Platform.  

    Additional conditions

    Administration of does not accept any counter-proposials from Users about any changes of the current Agreement.

    The comments Users leave are not confidential and can be used by Administration without restrictions.