Video instructions

Registration instructions

To register, you need to enter your e-mail address and confirm it when the confirmation message is sent to the indicated address. You do not have to enter any personal data. The platform is completely anonymous. If you did not receive the confirmation message within 30 minutes after registration, please check your Spam folder. If the message is still missing – please contact the support

How to add a new Sale?

There is no limit of Sales you can put on the platform. If you want to help your Sale to find the right Buyer faster do not forget to fulfill the all description lines and add necessary pictures.

How to buy?

When you make a successful Sale on the platform, you will be charged a fee of 1% of the agreed price which will be withdrawn from your account when the Deal is closed.

How to setup 2FA authentication

Two-factor authentication provides your account with additional security by letting you log in successfully only after the authentication is confirmed by several devices. That means that even if someone gets your password and tries to break into your account, it will not be possible without additional confirmation done from your phone or any other external device you choose.